Robert Balazsi

Róbert Balázsi

Developer. Aspiring entrepreneur.

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About Me

I'm a Java developer based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. I'm passionate about cutting-edge technologies, always striving for reliable and high-performance solutions. I also have entrepreneurial ambitions with several potential startup ideas.

I enjoy playing chess, working out, and reading (mostly technical) books.


Social data mining and analytics application

The application acquired and analyzed huge amounts of posts from different social media sources for clients to leverage customers' opinions of their products, and quickly react to events and trends.

Key features:
  • sophisticated filtering of posts supporting about 30+ criterias
  • live streams of posts
  • full-text search with complex keyword matching
  • multi-scale geological aggregation
  • machine learning for accurate analysis
  • detailed profile of post authors
  • automation rules generating alerts on sudden trend deviations

Technologies: Java, Spring, Hibernate, Azure SQL, Azure Cloud Services, ElasticSearch, REST, JSON, VSTS, GIT, Puppet, Kibana, Logstash, check_mk

Smart home management system

Smart homes are becoming more and more popular, especially in North America. The goal was to provide a portal to end users to configure and monitor the states of their sensors and other control devices, define automation rules and generate device health reports.

Key features:
  • supporting 50+ different sensors and other control devices
  • automation rules to trigger actions on alarms
  • filterable event history of alarms and device health reports

Technologies: Java, Spring, Hibernate, REST, JSON, TestNG, Mockito, PowerMock

Payment gateway application

Being one of the largest payment gateway providers in the world, the system supported a large number of payment types, some with sophisticated settlement and refunding rules.

Key features:
  • 200+ supported payment types (credit cards, online transfers, etc.)
  • flexible framework with fast support for new payment types
  • high-performance settlement and refund processing

Technologies: Java, Oracle Database, Spring, Hibernate

Enterprise banking system

An enterprise banking system that managed customers' accounts along with their cashflow and associated permissions. The system also supported a wide variety of daily and monthly reports.

Key features:
  • account management
  • client-specific extensions for savings accounts
  • highly configurable and sophisticated reports

Technologies: Java, Oracle Database, Spring, JUnit

Library management and document delivery system

A centralized system managing all libraries of Hungary, their book collections and employees, and providing access to documents for end-users.

Key features:
  • flexible search for a given resource in all libraries
  • resource request management and statistics
  • library employee management

Technologies: Java, JPA/EclipseLink, AspectJ, Spring, JUnit

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer - Softvision (2014 - Present)

I'm designing and implementing enterprise Java solutions in the social and financial sectors. I'm also mentoring junior colleagues and delivering internal courses (in the company) on Java for Oracle certification.

Software Engineer - Endava (2013 - 2014)

I implemented robust Java solutions for one of the largest payments gateways of the world. I also mentored junior colleagues.

Software Engineer - Codespring (2010 - 2013)

I mostly worked on the backend of financial applications (started with C#, turned to Java after a year), but occasionally also did basic frontend development.